Sun Damage On Your Skin Can Be Reversed

Maybe you’ve…

  • Spent your younger years going to tanning beds
  • Laid out all summer long by the pool
  • Forgotten sunscreen one too many times

What do all of these have in common? Most of the time, all will end in sun damage to your skin. 

While common nowadays, not everyone is talking about the negative effects these activities can have on your skin. Sometimes it can’t be helped, such as forgetting sunscreen or a hat to protect your face. Either way, once your skin has sun damage, it is hard to get rid of—but it isn’t impossible! 

Many try for years and years to cover up sun damage with makeup or cure it with creams or serums, but nothing has truly worked. Until now…

Enter: laser skin resurfacing in Houston.

Ovation Med Spa is the premier clinic in Houston, offering customized treatment plans designed to address your unique concerns. If you’re ready to address sun damage with laser skin resurfacing in Houston, book an appointment today at Ovation Med Spa.

Sun Damage: How It Happens

Whether it’s too much time in the sun or cheap, ineffective sunscreen, there are many ways you can end up with that dreaded splotchy or uneven surfacing on your face, arms, or scalp.

Too Much Sun

Our skin wouldn’t be healthy without the sun. It’s no coincidence that you seem to glow after being exposed to pure sunlight; there’s a reason for it. 

The sun emits strong ultraviolet (UV) rays which provide our skin with the vitamin D it needs to thrive! But, of course, we know that too much of this UV light can be damaging. Melanin, the pigmentation of our skin on its surface, protects us from those harmful rays so that our skin only takes in what it needs to. But over time, and after a lot of exposure to sunlight, more and more melanin can be produced, making our skin darker. That is the infamous thing that people like to call being tan.

This tan we get is our body’s way of saying it’s getting too much sun. It is really a warning alarm, but it’s not usually seen this way. Whether we get this tan/burn from natural or artificial light, it can harm our skin’s surface, causing sun damage

Prevent Sun Damage Before It Gets Worse

Sunscreen Truths

“Reapply, reapply, reapply!” Reapply what? Sunscreen! Ever since you were a child, you no doubt have been told this very thing. Sunscreen is vital to your skin’s health. Nearly every dermatologist will tell you to wear sunscreen every day. 

From running in and out of stores on grocery day to mowing the lawn after work, sunscreen will help protect your skin from those UV rays that target your skin as soon as you step outside. No matter how long you think you will be outside on a particular day, sunscreen might as well be there just in case. 

woman in sun
Beach vacation. Beautiful happy woman in sunhat and bikini enjoying summer trip

There are many product options out there that include sunscreen, such as creams, moisturizers, and foundations. So you don’t have to necessarily apply that thick-textured, strong-scented stuff you bring with you to the beach. Find an SPF product that is just right for you! If you do, you may be able to prevent turning to that last-resort option of laser skin resurfacing in Houston at Ovation.

Hats, Sleeves, and Color Schemes

On those days you forget sunscreen, no worries—there are other solutions. Or if you just want that extra layer of protection, here are some ideas. Hats, rash guards, long-sleeved shirts, and pants can be used to protect against the sun’s harmful UV rays. By adding an extra layer of clothing on the most sun-sensitive areas of your skin, it will make the sun hit that cloth and not pass through to your skin. 

Remember that the color of clothing or hat is important too. For example, dark and bright-colored shirts and hats absorb more UV rays, so fewer go on to hit your skin, whereas lighter colors let more light pass through. 

The fit or size of the clothing matters too. If a shirt is tight, it will be more likely to slowly break down fibers and dissolve strands, causing UV light to pass through, while a looser shirt will usually protect the whole surface it covers.

A Bigger Solution

But all advice on preventative help may be useless if you need help with sun damage that has already occurred. While sunscreen, hats, and stronger clothes can be largely effective, what do you do for existing damage? Here is your answer: HALO laser skin resurfacing in Houston!

What Is HALO?

At Ovation Med Spa, we offer a one-of-a-kind laser resurfacing treatment that targets areas suffering from sun damage. The HALO laser uses ablative (tissue removing) and non-ablative waves to dive into the skin and clear up visible signs of sun damage.

Ovation was the first aesthetics provider in the Houston area to offer this cutting-edge facial rejuvenation treatment. The HALO laser is also the first of its kind as the #1 hybrid fractional laser in the world. HALO is the best answer if you are considering laser skin resurfacing in Houston.


Most HALO treatments will take effect after just 1 treatment session. That is one reason why so many of the clients who undergo this procedure say that it was all worth it. As opposed to temporary or potential fixes, such as creams, gels, or makeup that wear off eventually, HALO is a near-permanent solution to those stubborn sun marks and aging lines.

That’s right—HALO even fixes signs of aging! Oftentimes, sun marks and damages can sometimes look similar to—and are similar in composition to—that of the aging process. So, the HALO procedure addresses not just sun damage, but signs of aging as well. 

Who Is It For?

Anyone suffering from the effects of sun damage or aging is encouraged to take part in this revolutionary, life-changing tool, laser skin resurfacing in Houston. Those who will see the best results are ones wanting to prevent sun damage or aging spots and those who already have these spots from their earlier years. 


Are you in your 20s or 30s? Well then, you are a prime candidate for preventative HALO laser skin resurfacing in Houston. HALO doesn’t just have to be used on those spots where sun damage has already occurred; it can be used to prevent any slow-forming spots with high melanin count. It can also treat those smile lines that are starting to stick even when you’re not smiling.


Are you in those years after 40 where we sort of start to blur the lines of age (no pun intended)? At Ovation Med Spa, we totally understand and have been in your shoes—that is, before we got the HALO treatment. 

It is often thought that, once you reach a certain age bracket, you must do all you can to cover those lines and sun spots. We believe that everyone is gorgeous no matter how much their skin has changed over the years. You shouldn’t feel like you need to change or cover those spots that make you you

But we also still understand that these spots are holding you back from looking and feeling your best. If you’d like to clear away your sun damage, we have got you covered. HALO can be used to make those lines and splotches disappear in as little as just 1 session!

Just For YOU

Worried about the treatment being too strong for your skin or not being strong enough? After you consult with one of our HALO experts on laser skin resurfacing in Houston, those worries will disappear! Our HALO treatment can be easily customized to fit your skin type, conditions, and desires. When meeting with our experts, you’ll be asked to talk about your skin concerns, what you want out of the treatment, and more. The more you open up, the more we can help!

woman in consultation
Woman client in bathrobe sitting during the consultation with cosmetologyst at the professional beauty salon

Reach out to us at Ovation Med Spa and get your HALO journey started today. You can also take our virtual consultation to see what treatment plan may be best for you in preparation for your in-office appointment. 

We See a Standing Ovation in Your Future With the Results You’ll Get From HALO!

Start your aesthetics journey with Ovation Med Spa today. Reach out to us to set up a consultation or ask questions about our services. We are positive HALO laser skin resurfacing in Houston, TX, is right for you! So give us the chance to make you a more confident version of yourself.