Our Top CoolSculpting® Before-and-After Photos

Since emerging as a game-changing, non-invasive fat reduction treatment more than 10 years ago, CoolSculpting has become a popular nonsurgical body contouring procedure at Ovation Med Spa. CoolSculpting patients at our Houston medspa range from men who want to reduce love handles that resist exercise to women who want shapely contours.

CoolSculpting: Before-and-After

To showcase results you can expect from CoolSculpting, we’ve shared 5 of our favorite cases below:

before and after female abdominal CoolSculpting side view

Like many middle-aged women, this 53-year-old patient couldn’t lose abdominal fat even though she exercised regularly and watched her diet. These before-and-after photos, taken 3 months apart, show the results of CoolSculpting on her abdomen, flanks, and upper back.


before and after female abdominal CoolSculpting front view

Wanting to accentuate her curves and minimize stubborn abdominal fat, this 48-year-old woman came to our med spa for CoolSculpting on her abdomen and flanks. She had 2 treatments for each area. The photos were taken 3 months apart.


before and after female arm coolsculpting

CoolSculpting’s versatility is demonstrated in these before-and-after photos showing a 45-year-old woman who was tired of having excess fat in her upper arms. CoolSculpting has developed several specialized applicators that are used to treat virtually any area of the body. This patient had 2 treatment sessions.


before and after female midsection coolsculpting front view

Many of the patients we see who want CoolSculpting are 20-somethings who want to freeze away bulges that prevent them from looking their best. This 20-year-old woman had 2 CoolSculpting cycles on her abdominal area and flanks. The “after” photo shows results 3 months following her treatment.


before and after female thigh coolsculpting

Thighs are another trouble spot that women can address with CoolSculpting. This 32-year-old woman couldn’t get rid of the excess thigh fat (saddlebags), despite exercising regularly and dieting. After 2 treatment sessions performed 30 days apart on both the inner and outer thighs, she loves her results!

When you first visit Ovation Med Spa for a consultation, your treatment provider may recommend CoolSculpting or another treatment option based on your needs and goals. We’ve earned a reputation as the best med spa in Houston for nonsurgical body contouring procedures, including EMSCULPT® Neo. Typically, we suggest CoolSculpting for those who have a body mass index of 30 and below since the approach is more targeted to small pockets of fat. Use the online form to request a consultation or call us at (713) 352-1424 to schedule an appointment.