What is Venus Legacy Body Contouring?

You can do quite a bit to preserve your looks over the years, but there may come a point when it feels like you are fighting an uphill battle. Blemishes such as cellulite and loose skin are very difficult to get rid of on your own, and that is why so many people have turned to professional treatments such as Venus Legacy™ body contouring. This procedure not only tightens and tones your skin, but it also melts away stubborn body fat. Each Venus Legacy™ appointment typically takes just minutes to complete, and you should start to see results within just weeks of your first treatment.

What Can Be Treated?

One of the reasons why Venus Legacy™ body contouring has become such a popular treatment is because it can address multiple cosmetic issues at the same time. Instead of scheduling dozens of different appointments for a wide variety of products and services, patients can stick to a single procedure. Cellulite, localized body fat, and loose skin are all diminished with Venus Legacy™. For those who have recently lost quite a bit of weight, Venus Legacy™ body contouring can be used to minimize the appearance of stretch marks as well.

The Science Behind Venus Legacy™

During a Venus Legacy™ appointment, a handheld device delivers pulses of radiofrequency energy to the skin and underlying soft tissue. When the energy comes into contact with fat cells, it will disrupt the outer walls. Over time, the patient’s immune system begins to attack those weakened cells just as if they were being metabolized. In addition to melting away fat, the energy also diminishes the appearance of cellulite.

The other type of energy that Venus Legacy™ body contouring uses is referred to as channeled magnetic pulses. Some studies have revealed that these pulses can speed up the healing process. They stimulate your body’s immune system so that the area is flooded with collagen and other important nutrients. Within weeks of the treatment, your skin should tighten up as the underlying soft tissue becomes stronger.

Your Venus Legacy™ Appointment

These treatments are performed in the comfort of our office. The procedure itself is almost completely comfortable, and the vast majority of patients state that they feel nothing more than gentle warmth emanating from the device. Following your appointment, you can run errands, head back to work, or even start exercising. There is no discomfort or downtime, and the results last for a long time.

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