What Can EMSCULPT Do For Me?

Most individuals have heard about non-invasive treatments for fat removal. Many have even had several treatments. Whether or not you have experienced any fat removal procedures, you will most likely be interested in EMSCULPT. The technology incorporated into the procedure is groundbreaking. The treatment may be your next step for building muscle or fat removal or it may be the final solution you have been searching for. This is the only procedure capable of removing fat and building muscle simultaneously. This device is a brand new way of contouring your body. This is also the first energy device ever cleared by the FDA for building muscle mass and burning fat. Surgery is unnecessary, the treatment is pain free, there is no downtime, and it can successfully lift your buttocks and define your abs.

The device contracts your muscles far beyond what can be accomplished using physical training. The procedure enhances your fat metabolism and improves your muscle tone. Multiple clinical studies have backed the results of the treatment. The studies revealed a series of just four sessions provided definition and sculpted the muscles located in the buttocks and abdomen. The reason the procedure is so effective is High Intensity, Focused Electromagnetic energy. The device creates the magnetic energy responsible for the muscle contractions. The treatment uses different patterns in a specific series designed to create muscle contractions. This stimulates your muscles to work harder than what is possible through strength training or the use of a personal trainer.

There is only one way your muscles can be strengthened. This is by creating millions of microscopic tears within your soft tissue. Your body’s response to these tears is to use additional tissue to rebuild your muscles. During the past, voluntarily contracting your muscles during exercise was thought to be the best way to make these tears. New and healthy cells would repair your torn muscles after completing exercises such as bicep curls or squats. Eventually, the strength and overall size of your muscles would increase. This has changed due to HIFEM technology. You can now relax in a chair while supramaximal muscle contractions are induced by the procedure. The process begins when the device is placed on your skin, Your muscles are forced by the magnets to contract without your having to physically move them.

The treatment is even better than experiencing an intense workout. The best part is you are relaxing in a chair during the entire procedure. As your muscles contract, the fat cells in the area are being metabolized. This means the area targeted will appear more toned and thinner. Just one EMSCULPT procedure is the same as doing about 20,000 squats or sit ups. The treatment triggers new muscle mass, more muscle definition and increased muscle tone. Lipolysis destroys your fat cells by increasing your fat metabolism. The muscles in your buttocks and abdomen are toned and fat is effectively burned. There is no downtime, pain, or need to visit the gym. Despite the fact all of this sounds rather extreme, the procedure has the same feeling as a good workout. The difference is you can relax and rest instead of spending hours at the gym.

In order to be effective, your session only has to last for thirty minutes. The treatments are generally scheduled every two to three days to ensure your body has enough time to recover and rest. The treatment can be repeated as often as you require and can be customized to best suit your individual needs. The treatment is also an excellent option to replace a traditional butt lift. A butt lift repositions the soft tissue by surgically moving your skin. EMSCULPT stimulates your gluteal muscles to tone and firm your buttocks. The result is the same toning and firming you would achieve by spending endless hours doing squats and lunges at your gym. According to some studies, this procedure can also eliminate the fatty tissues located in your back and flanks. As your waist and hips decrease, your glutes become bigger.

Your results will continue to improve for several weeks. Seven studies were conducted for EMSCULPT encompassing 200 participants working on their buttocks and abdomen. The results revealed the treatment was effective for building muscle mass and burning fat. MRI studies and CT scans were used to measure the muscle and fat, changes in the measurement of the waistline were noted and before and after pictures were compared. All of these results were positive regarding building muscle and fat loss.

The Typical EMSCULPT Results

The average results for healthy patients were determined during clinical studies. The results revealed an average of:

• A fat reduction of nineteen percent
• Muscle mass increased sixteen percent
• The buttocks were lifted in eighty percent of the participants
• A decrease in waist circumference of 1.5 inches
• The fat metabolism increased five x
• The abdominal muscle separation decreased by eleven percent
• The participant satisfaction was 96 percent

Clinical studies determined the buttocks and abdomen should treated two times per week for two weeks in thirty minute sessions to achieve optimal results. One maintenance treatment is necessary every three to six months. The best candidates for the procedure are adults in good physical condition. The most common participants are working out but enable to achieve their desired results. These individuals should follow a healthy diet and be physically active to receive the most benefits. It is important to note this procedure will not treat obesity. The ideal candidate has:

• An interest in an effective and non-invasive body contouring procedure
• A BMI below 30
• Has been unable to lose weight through exercise and diet
• Is not pregnant during the time the procedure is performed
• Should not require any surgical treatments including a gastric bypass

The treatment is safe, approved by the FDA and been tested in seven clinical studies within the United States. The results show the procedure reduces body fat effectively and quickly. Some of the results of the treatment can be seen and felt immediately due to the numerous muscle contractions. The majority of the physical results do not become apparent for between two and three weeks. Of all the participants in the studies, 96 percent stated they were thrilled with their results. They also loved the fact there was no downtime or recovery period so they could immediately resume their regular lives. The EMSCULPT procedure has been cleared by the FDA to treat the buttocks and the abdomen.

Most people will agree they are confident when they look their very best. This generally involves losing any excess weight, eating a healthy and balanced diet and working out to get and remain fit. Unfortunately, many individuals are unable to tone their muscles or lose weight despite maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This is the reason this treatment was created. The procedure enables these individuals to strengthen their core, eliminate fat cells and build their muscles all at the same time. The procedure does not require surgery and is performed by a trained medical professional in the office. No anesthesia is necessary for the treatment. There are no side effects. This is the only device currently using intensity focused electromagnetic energy.

This energy is what triggers the positive changes in your body. The treatment does not require any effort from you at all. You are sitting in a chair during the procedure and you should not experience any pain. You can even combine this treatment with numerous other procedures. No changes in muscle tone have been determined using any other type of technology. The possibilities for your future physique and overall health are nearly endless. This technology is still new and has not yet reached the full potential. The possibilities for the future are still being researched and discovered.

The Abdominal Benefits of EMSCULPT

EMSCULPT offers four fantastic benefits for treating your abdomen. You can easily sculpt and tone your abs during your lunch break. The treatment only requires thirty minutes every two to three days for a period of two weeks. The majority of body contouring procedures are not nearly as effective and require a minimum of sixty minutes per session. This is a non-invasive and safe procedure. No surgery, incisions, or anesthesia are necessary. The effectiveness of the procedure is due to the panel secured to your abdomen. HIFEM technology is delivered to your body through the panel. This technology penetrates seven centimeters beneath your skin for a safe and effective treatment. This triggers an involuntary contraction of your muscles in addition to disrupting and eliminating your fat cells located in general the area.

The results of the procedure are truly amazing. You will notice more strength, firmness and thickness in your abdominal muscles. Once your adipose tissue has been eliminated, your muscles will be more pronounced. All you have to do to maintain a natural and well sculpted body is to eat a healthy diet and keep working out. You simply relax in a chair as the panel does all of the work. Once you have finished your session you can go right back to work or enjoy your usual daily activities. This treatment has no side effects. You will simply feel like you have just enjoyed working out at your gym.

During the past few years, there has been an increase in demand for a non-invasive treatment to reduce fat. The majority of these treatments have been classified as body contouring. None of these procedure build muscle. Muscle is one of the most important aspects of the body structure. Twenty to thirty percent of your body is comprised of fat. Only thirty to forty percent comes from muscle. In order to tone your buttocks and abdomen, these facts must be considered. This is the key reason this treatment was developed and introduced to the public. This is the only procedure capable of building muscle and destroying fat cells simultaneously. The HIFEM technology is able to improve the separation of your abdominal muscles, firm and lift your buttocks and tone your abdomen.

In technical terms, the science behind this technology creates an electromagnetic field. This is what is actually transmitted to your body. A current is provided to effectively stimulate every nerve and muscle fiber in the targeted area. This results in the device providing 20,000 supramaximal muscle contractions to strengthen your muscles and metabolize your fat. The science behind this treatment has been thoroughly tested in multiple independent studies and been approved by the FDA. The treatment results of the device were evaluated using measurements, MRI, CT ultrasounds, photographs, and animal studies. The results showed a reduction of twenty percent in the thickness of the abdominal wall, an eleven percent reduction in the diastasis and muscle thickness increased by sixteen percent.

The technology and science have led to a painless, non-invasive, and non-surgical way of providing an effective butt lift. The procedure is effective and offers both continuous and immediate results. The treatment series results in firmer and better toned buttocks and a better sculpted and lifted abdomen. The best possible outcomes have been achieved in just three months time. Improvements can continue for a maximum of six months. If you are interested in learning more about EMSCULPT or are ready to have your first session, feel free to speak with the professionals at Ovation Med Spa in Houston, TX. Contact us today to schedule your consultation!