What Can EMSCULPT in Houston Do?

If you have stubborn fat deposits, trust us, you are not alone. From super athletes to supermodels, often, the human body is imperfect. It’s normal to develop areas of fat that refuse to budge no matter how disciplined your diet and workout routine remains. Most of us desire a more toned physique that is slimmer and yet, more muscular, but we don’t want to go the surgical route to try and achieve the ultimate in body contouring. That is why the latest buzz in Houston surrounds the EMSCULPT procedure, one that uniquely contracts your muscles. It is the modern method for sculpting a fit physique in a non-invasive manner. It works beautifully for both men and women as it safely burns fat and builds muscle.

Tons of Muscle Contractions

The EMSCULPT system in Houston works by delivering electromagnetic pulses to your muscles and producing supramaximal muscle contractions. This action triggers more muscle fibers than the contractions you get through regular exercise. In just a single 30 minute session, it is estimated that approximately 20,000 muscle contractions are being produced. The technology is one of the newest kinds available as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) only cleared the procedure in mid-2018.

EMSCULPT has been developed to contour your butt, abs and obliques (love handles), and it is also now being used to sculpt your biceps, triceps, thighs and calves. As the multiple muscle contractions are being created with all that energy, the nearby fat cells begin to break down and die and are then naturally removed through the body. Houston aesthetic specialists say that the ideal EMSCULPT candidate is one who is in good shape, works out and follows a healthy diet. Also, this candidate would have less than an inch of pinchable fat in the treated area.

If a person has a few extra pounds to lose, EMSCULPT may not yield the kind of dramatic results they’re looking for because too much fat can weaken the muscle contraction power.

The EMSCULPT Machine Action

For those who have experienced the strong muscle contractions during a treatment, it is a bizarre feeling at first. You will be lying down as the applicator paddle is placed and strapped on your target site. The paddle is attached to the machine whose device features varying levels of intensity. If this is your first treatment session, then the low setting will be used by your Houston aesthetic expert.

The contractions all feel differently and move through cycles. For example, some will feel fast and light, and other contractions will feel slow and strong. It is not a painful experience. Your body will quickly adjust to the levels, and those who can handle the maximum intensity by the end of their first session can expect excellent results from this procedure.

Many clients like EMSCULPT because there are no needles and anesthesia to worry about, and just four sessions can deliver superb body contouring. Who wouldn’t want a machine to produce the effects of 20,000 squats or 20,000 crunches in a half-hour, right?

The system features Tesla technology that some describe as being similar to a mini MRI machine. It’s very safe, modern, and causes little to no downtime. The only thing is you may be sore post-treatment because your targeted muscles have gotten an amazing workout. The soreness should improve within a day or two.

Houston EMSCULPT technicians want to emphasize that the procedure is not a substitute for a sound diet and workout schedule. The treatments should become part of one’s fitness routine as another tool in the toolbox. The electromagnetic pulses are designed to speed up and maximize your results.

Some people wonder about the difference between an EMSCULPT procedure and a CoolSculpting procedure. CoolSculpting freezes the fat cells and eliminates them, so you can see a significant fat reduction. EMSCULPT takes it a step further. Not only do the treatments reduce fat, but the technology increases muscle mass and firms and lifts the treated sites.

Celebs are Into the Treatment

After giving birth to two daughters, actress Drew Barrymore says she likes working out hard but has injured herself a few times, so she turned to the muscle contracting technology to see what it could do for her.

Barrymore admits that your core strength is everything, and for the last several years, she hasn’t been able to strengthen and tone her abs until she strapped on an EMSCULPT paddle. She is delighted with the strength she is seeing and feeling in her post-childbirth ab muscles. She also continues to participate in workout classes weekly and has overhauled her diet. Barrymore says that the procedure has helped her shed some 24 pounds.

Kathie Lee Gifford, formerly of the Today show, also signed up for four treatments to see if she could resculpt her belly. At age 65, she revealed she works out daily but doesn’t have a strong back, so she is limited in performing core exercises. She said the electromagnetic pulses felt weird as they were contracting her muscles, but there wasn’t any pain involved. Her before and after photos were shown on the Today show, and the slimmer, tighter abs were easy to see. Overall, Gifford said she was pleased with her results.

Television reality stars like Kim Zolciak-Biermann of “Don’t Be Tardy” and Brittany Cartwright of “Vanderpump Rules” are both EMSCULPT devotees. Zolciak-Biermann admits that she hates working out and enjoys contemporary aesthetic procedures that can help build a better silhouette.

Zolciak-Biermann said that the treatment is “pretty fabulous” and has been having the procedure performed on both her butt and abdomen to firm up any trouble spots. She told her fans that the technology is super precise and able to penetrate 7 centimeters into the muscle.

Expected Fat and Muscle Results

Several recent studies have been conducted on the trendy muscle-sculpting procedure, and the cool thing is that your body continues to react after your final session. In other words, your fat will continue to melt away even six months post-procedure, and your muscles will continue to grow and tone up.

In one 2018 clinical study, a total of 22 participants received four EMSCULPT treatments on their abdomen. Photographs were taken of them before they began the sessions, and their weight and waist measurements were recorded. More photos were captured after the last treatment and again at a 3-month follow‐up. The results showed that the participants’ waist size shrank by an average of 1.5 inches after four treatments. Three months post-treatment, their waist size had shrunk even more by 1.7 inches in total.

Houston aesthetic specialists caution that if you get lazy and stop working out, then the results won’t last. To maintain strong muscle tone, you will need to adhere to your diet and work-out schedule and pencil in yearly EMSCULPT appointments.

Another study revealed that the non-invasive body contouring procedure saw muscle mass increase by about 15% while fat decreased by nearly 19% after four sessions. Ninety-five percent of the participants noted that their abdominal appearance had improved at the 3-month follow-up time. Research showed that muscle fatigue was a frequent side effect, but it subsided within 12 to 48 hours. No adverse effects were observed.

Lipo Versus EMSCULPT

Some people would prefer to have liposuction in achieving a flat tummy and smaller waistline. The results can be quite dramatic, but the procedure itself is invasive and a bit more complicated. Lipo is a surgical procedure that uses a thin tube or cannula to suction out your fat. Anesthesia is required along with incisions. Post-treatment usually consists of some downtime with pain, compression garments and a bit of a recovery of at least two to three weeks. Large amounts of fat can be sucked out in one treatment session.

Lipo is successful but not perfect. The method cannot re-sculpt the physique with toned musculature. It can result in sagging skin, asymmetry, dimpling, scarring and other irregularities in some cases.

EMSCULPT not only reduces fat deposits that won’t budge, but it tones the body and can add lift to the butt and shred your abs with its unique, intense muscle contracting action. The results can be quite impressive on both women’s and men’s bodies, and some fans rave that the treatments have given their muscles more power for longer, stronger work-outs.

Let’s be honest. No one’s body is perfect, and people of all ages can find a stubborn fat bulge that never seems to respond to hard exercise and a disciplined diet. The newest approach is creating buzz all over social media sites because you lie there motionless and have the EMSCULPT technology do all the work. Who wouldn’t like fat-burning and muscle-building coupled together for a sleeker, fitter silhouette?

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